About Our Team

Here at At Home Quality Care, we truly believe the phrase:
"you can’t take care of other people until you take care of yourself."

Really, this means that our Caregivers come first. They receive the encouragement and attention that ensures they can "pour out" of the energy that comes from a community of support.

We also value and respect our Caregiver’s personal beliefs and convictions- we encourage a holistically healthy lifestyle. You bring your best self to work when you have time to enjoy the things you love outside of work. You won’t be left alone if you are a Caregiver at At Home Quality Care. Now, you're part of an intertwined network of Caregivers that provides encouragement, resources, and meaningful relationships. You will be provided with opportunities to further your specialized training, ideas for creative and engaging activities to try with your Clients, and other helpful resources.

Here’s what some of our employees have to say about us:

Our 5 Core Values dictate the way we treat our employees and our customers, and adhering to them has brought us to where we are today:

  1. Trust ‐ We are confident in knowing that others have our best interests in mind.
  2. Communication ‐ We strive to communicate and listen well.
  3. Initiative ‐ When we see what needs to be done, we do it.
  4. Positive Attitude ‐ Attitude + Action = Accomplishment.
  5. Excellence ‐ We are not perfect, but we strive for excellence!

Trust + Communication + Initiative + Positive Attitude = Excellence.

Have you searched for a workplace that taps into your potential, propels you on to greatness, and encourages you along the way? At Home Quality Care is the place for you.

Get to know our amazing staff:


Marilyn Major, LPN

Marilyn Major, LPN


Marilyn has 20 years of experience in the healthcare field with an extensive background in patient care. Marilyn has a strong skill-set in leadership and care management. She has held numerous leadership positions throughout her career and enjoys leading and managing people to excel in their trained and gifted areas. Marilyn is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the agency including care management, managing the Sales and Marketing team and assisting the President with operations management.

Ken Stewart

Kenneth Stewart, MHA, CSA


Ken has worked in home care for his entire 35-year career. He has a strong background in managing home care, respiratory care, medical/surgical, pharmaceuticals/intravenous therapies, and durable medical equipment. His educational background includes a degree in health administration with certifications in orthotics and as a senior advisor. Ken taught healthcare finance as an adjunct faculty member at the University of St. Francis. He currently lives in Clarks Summit with his wife and has two children and three granddaughters.

Cheryl Podhany, M.A

Cheryl Podhany, M.A.

Quality Assurance Officer

Cheryl has been working in the medical field for over 8 years and her experience has been concentrated in organizational skills in the medical office environment. Cheryl excels in managing office employees, caregivers and supervising the client’s care. Cheryl is responsible for the coordination and management of the recruitment, orientation and hiring process of those employees who work under her supervision along with scheduling.


Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole, LPN

Regional Care Manager

Jennifer has been a nurse for over 20 years - most of her time being in a skilled setting. She held a few different roles in her nursing career from charge nurse to management positions. She is now our Regional Care Coordinator at our Lewisburg office and is responsible for supervisory visits and new client admissions.

Laura Krisher, LPN

Laura Krisher, LPN

Regional Care Coordinator

Laura graduated from Susquehanna LPN career center in 2011, and she has been a nurse for 8 years. She has a background working in nursing homes, home health, and the federal prison. Laura is a Regional Care Coordinator for our Lewisburg area. She is responsible for supervisory visits, new client admissions, and attending to any problems or concerns expressed by the Clients or Caregivers in her designated are. When she’s not at the office, Laura enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking camping and kayaking.

Crystal Reynolds, LPN

Crystal Reynolds, LPN

Scheduling Coordinator

Crystal has been working in healthcare since 2012 as a home care aid. While working as an aid, Crystal decided to further her career by attending LPN school. She then started working in a nursing home for 4 years with 2 of those years working on the Alzheimers unit. Crystal has also worked at a federal prison as an LPN. Crystal graduated with her LPN from Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center in Lewisburg. Crystal is a regional care coordinator for our company and is responsible for supervisory visits and new client admissions.

Esther Mironenko

Esther Mironenko

Regional Care Coordinator

Esther is an LPN and has been a nurse for 9 years. In her spare time, Esther likes to go outdoors and enjoy activities like hiking, kayaking, and gardening. She also likes to try new recipes! Esther enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 children, 2 dogs and her very large family. Esther is a Regional Care Coordinator for our Lewisburg office where she does supervisory visits with her clients, new client admissions, and makes sure her clients are well taken care of. We are happy to have her as a part of our team!


Hope Edwards

Hope Edwards

Regional Marketing Executive

Hope has been in the geriatric field for the past 14 years. She graduated from Bloomsburg University in 1996. She has worked as a Case Manager and Case Manager Supervisor within that time frame. She is responsible for Marketing in our Lewisburg Office. She takes referrals and maintains the relationships with the local and surrounding areas healthcare professionals.